TY009 Product Introduction

▸Install TY009 on your stove, needless to replace your existing stove.

▸TY009 will automatically be activated when you start cooking.

▸15 mins default time, adjustable from 1~99 mins.

▸One min before the time is up, TY009 will thoughtfully remind you to come and turn off the stove fire.

▸If no one comes to turn off the stove fire or extend the time, TY009 will automatically turn off the fire to prevent incidents from happening.

High Adaptability
Applied patented design, capable of fitting over 90% of stoves on the market.
Simple Installation
Easy breezy installation steps!
Moreover, TY009 is fixed with dual-lock fasteners so it could be easily taken off for cleaning.

Suitable for various stove types

Knob Interface、Dimension